Rough Roofs – How to React, and When

Replace versus repair; which one, and when?

It will always be easier to respond to a roofing problem with repair, rather than replacing the thing altogether. It’s definitely a lot more cheap to do so, but it could very well be a waste of money if a repair is actually what you needed. Save yourselves the trouble and give The Roofing Company a call so you can be confident in the choices you make about your roof. We’re interested in helping you out in the best way you need, even if it means we’re making less money. Here’s a couple of signs that all point to roof replacement.

Poor shingle quality

Take a look at how your shingles look; if they’re curling in, buckling on themselves, or cracked, they’re probably long overdue for replacement. Not to mention, missing shingles is a glaring sign of necessary action. You can also check your gutters for silt coming off of your shingles; that’s a good sign that your roof is not performing the role it should.

Roof flashings falling apart

If you aren’t aware of what your roof flashings are, have a professional check for you. They’re found around the non-flat parts of your roof, like a chimney, dormer window, valleys, vents and skylights. Flashings are what help your roof remain leak-proof. If you’ve used cement or tar to secure the flashings, it will erode over time and need to be replaced. Similarly, if you’ve used asphalt or caulk, you’ll need to act at the first sign of failure. The sun’s UV rays wears down against your shingles and flashings, leading to cracks and delamination. The moment that your flashings fall overdue, your roof is vulnerable to leaks.

Light shining into the attic

The next time you head up to your attic, look up and see if you can see light peeking through. That’s a sign of a pretty bad roofing problem; the decking of your roof may be deteriorating thanks to leaks and moisture in the insulation, or just in your roof at large.

Poorly maintained roof valleys

Take a look at the shingles in roof valleys; if they look like they’re in poor condition, or missing altogether, you may be looking at roof replacement as a whole. Any excess moisture like rain, or melted ice and snow travels through valleys to get to the gutters. When your valleys are weakened and defenseless, your roof will undoubtedly begin to leak.

Roof age: 20 or older

An asphalt roof is commonly believed to last about 20 – 25 years. Granted, this depends on your attention to your roof, and how much you invest in keeping it strong. Your roof’s lifespan can also be impacted by how it was laid down; is it a brand new roof, or is it laying on top of an old one? Either way, if you’re looking at an older roof, you may want to replace it instead to reset the clock, instead of postponing the inevitable with a repair.

Be sure to assess your situation, so you don’t repair a roof that’s going to need to be replaced sooner rather than later. It’s an investment, for sure – but you’ll find it saves you a lot of money on maintenance in the future. Plus, your house will look nice and new with its new roof. Call (226) 450-0954 to reach Brantford, Ontario’s The Roofing Company for all your roofing replacement, repair, and consultation needs.

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