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If you want trustworthy and expert professional Roofing repair and installation experts in Norfolk County, then The Roofing Company is your best bet. The roofing company is Norfolk County’s leading roofing contractor in the area. Understandably, as a homeowner, we typically don’t give our roof much thought, until it’s hit hard and potentially damaged by bad weather or long term wear.

Yet you can’t underestimate the importance of a strong and well installed roof as far as protection of both your family and your house are in play. Moreover, just like the interior of your house, your roof also requires regular maintenance. Here’s the thing, as your roof shingles wear over time, they not only become unsightly, they also can lead to structural damage of your home.

If you are experiencing this yourself, you should definitely contact the roofing experts at the roofing company in Norfolk County, especially if you are not sure of the kind of roofing solution you require. Our expert Norfolk County roofing experts will carry out a thorough inspections, and only then offer an appropriate solution. We can then offer to provide partial or full roof repair, or even a complete roof replacement if necessary.

Our dedication is to provide you with the most affordable and professional roofing solutions in Norfolk County and to have your roof looking beautiful and protecting your most valuable asset.

Roofing Services in Norfolk County

Re-Roof & Complete Roof Replacement Services

roof replacementThe roofing experts at The Roofing Company in Norfolk County understand that as a homeowner, you’re likely not a roofing expert. This means distinguishing between a roof that needs repair or one that needs replacement might be a tall order. That is why we work side by side with you, while explaining (in clear terms) exactly what the current situation of you roof, and only make a recommendation on what action to take, after we’ve completed a full roof inspection of your existing roof.

Because our professional roofing experts have been in the industry and have years of experience, they are able to tailor repairs and recommendations to fit your budget and ensure the final outcome meets not only the highest standards with regards to roofing construction, but also your expectation when it comes to overall aesthetic appeal.

Contrary to popular belief, speedy repair jobs do not necessarily mean a subpar finish. The service and quality depend on the materials used and the tools deployed. When having roofing repairs done, you should ensure that the company you are using is completing the job with quality materials and proper water for complete protection against the elements.

As Norfolk County roofing experts, we recommend that you have annual roofing inspections to maximize on the investments you make on your roof. Don’t be like most homeowners who overlook their roof, when in reality, it’s the first line of defence of your most valuable asset . Get in touch with The Roofing Company in Norfolk County and have your roof looking pristine.

Asphalt Shingle Specialists

Close up of new rubber roof tilesThe Roofing Company’s Norfolk County roofing services include Asphalt Shingle roofing system repairs. Typically, our experts will start by tearing off the existing shingles on the wood deck, allowing us to carry out inspections of the deck and check for damage. Then you can choose from a wide variety of options before the commencement of underlayment.

After installing the underlayment, the shingles are then layered on top, dramatically improving the performance of the roof. Fortunately, with asphalt shingle roofing systems, you have the choice of a wide range of styles, colours. However all the shingle manufacturers we offer here are all covered by complete warranties.

Luckily, the training and knowledge of the roofing experts at The Roofing Company in Norfolk County can make this entire process a simple, easy and enjoyable one.

Chimney Repairs

Brick ChimneyChimneys deteriorate with extreme weather conditions, and Norfolk County is an area that suffers from these conditions year round, from the fiery summers to the freezing winters with freeze/thaw cycles. Instead of watching or waiting for your chimneys to fail, you can call on The Roofing Company for chimney repair works.

While some homeowners are tempted to undertake their own chimney repairs, what they fail to understand is that there is a lot of effort and skill involved. That’s why so many peoples call the roofing company. Whether it is chimney construction, cleaning, or complete rebuilds, you should call the professionals.

Sweeping, dusting, or simply facilitating the passage of water along the system is not enough. Effective chimney maintenance requires vast preparations with the right safety precautions which can only be done by our roofing experts.

While doing it yourself might seem like a good option, if you end up doing the repairs wrong, the labour cost and other expenses will be higher when you do finally call a professional. So instead of making costly mistakes, it makes more sense to engage professional roofing experts from the get-go.

The truth is, even if you searched for roofing experts, chimney repair services or masonry experts in Norfolk County, the results will leave you more confused than you were in the first place. So, if you are looking for chimney repair services in Norfolk County, The Roofing Company has the best experts for the job.

Roof Inspections

Winter Damaged Roof ShinglesMany people call us because they are concerned about the state of their roofs. Here’s the thing, after a storm or other bout of severe weather, it’s okay just to call for an inspection. Often times we can tell you “everything is okay” and you can go back to enjoying your home without worrying about the integrity of your roof. However, if you leave it, thinking “it’s fine” that’s when problems arise.

With a roof inspection you will at least know the state of your roof, if there is water damage, it will be easier to fix and you can also prevent future repairs which are much costlier. At The Roofing Company, we have the tools and the experts to inspect your roof fast and efficiently and give you the information and recommendations you need to make an educated decision.

This is the best step to take before making any decision about your roof.

24 Hour Emergency Roof Services in Norfolk County and its Surroundings

At The Roofing Company in Norfolk County, our years of experience in emergency roof repairs means we can handle any roof repair needs you might have. Regardless of the magnitude of your repairs, our roofing experts have the requisite experience and expertise to handle it in record time and to the highest professional standards.

The Roofing Company in Norfolk County boasts some of the best and modern tools for roofing repair jobs and this ensures we do it right, the first time!

Emergency roofing repairs are especially important the instance you notice roof damage. A problem like a leaking roof might seem small at the beginning, but if left unrepaired, this has the potential to damage the entire structure and costs thousands in repairs.

With our 24 hour emergency service, you can call The Roofing Company anytime in Norfolk County and rely on us to fix your roofs to last long with our quality workmanship and at affordable prices.

Benefits of Hiring Norfolk County Most Trusted Roofing Contractor

The advantages of hiring The Roofing Company roofing experts in Norfolk County for roof maintenance include:

Safety and Security: with the services of The Roofing Company in Norfolk County, bad weather need not stress you anymore. For your peace of mind as the weather changes, just call on us whenever you need roofing services.

Professional and Reliable Solutions: With over 10 years of experience and as a licensed company, you can rest assured that our services are quality and certified. We don’t take shortcuts; instead, we strive to be professional in every job. This makes us your best option for long lasting roofing services.

Affordability: roofing might seem like a DIY service, but nothing is farther from the truth. By engaging professional roofing experts like those at The Roofing Company, you are assured that the services you get are the best. Otherwise, if you decide to DIY, you might end up doing more harm than good.

Boost Your Residential Property Value: with a beautiful roof that is functioning like it should, you not only have peace of mind, you also retain the value of your house.

Even as you look for and engage local roofing experts, they need to be experienced and professional. They need to know the best practices to keep your roof in the best condition. Additionally, as a homeowner, understanding the value of a well-maintained roof is the only way of ensuring the right repairs and maintenance is done.

The professional roofing experts at The Roofing Company in Norfolk County have what it takes to preserve the structure of your roof. We have consistently provided individual homeowners and companies in Norfolk County with a wide variety of roofing solution over 10 years ranging from residential roofing, commercial, and even property development roofing for both large and small projects.

Our commitment to the highest quality on every roofing job in Norfolk County makes us stand out. Whether you need to change your entire roof or you just need a small problem fixed, we have a solution for you. Our Norfolk County roofing services range from high-peak to flat roofing installation, repair, and maintenance services. All you need to do is call The Roofing Company and get a free estimate.

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