Roofing Services & Other Exterior Home Options

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Our Roofing Services and Other Exterior Home Improvement Options

Roofing Services – At The Roofing Company, we offer a full suite of roofing services and other exterior home improvement options. Regardless of what your roofing project looks like, we can help you.

Not only are we consistently rated as the #1 roofing contractor in the area, but we are also the only roofing company within a 100-kilometre radius that offers a 100% satisfaction roofing guarantee. We also hold multiple certifications so you can feel comfortable and confident know your roofing project will come in on time and on budget with a finished product you’ll be sure to love.

Below, you can find a breakdown of the primary roofing and exterior home improvement services we offer here at The Roofing Company.

Do you have questions about our services? We’d love to hear from you, get in touch by calling us or visiting our Contact Us page.


Are you looking for a high-quality local roofing solution who can promise you will be absolutely thrilled with the finished product? At The Roofing Company, we are known through the area for our craftsmanship and commitment to our client’s satisfaction. It’s for this reason we are without question the highest rated roofing company serving the surrounding area, and we make it easy to do business with us by offering all our roofing clients a 100% satisfaction roofing guarantee.

Visit Our Roofing Solutions Service Page

Residential Roofing

When it comes to residential roofing, there is no other company in the area that has the experience, reputation, and skill comparable to that which The Roofing Company offers. Unlike many roofing contractors who try to be a jack of all trades and everything to everyone, at The Roofing Company, we believe in doing one thing exceptionally and extraordinarily well, and that is residential roofing services. Learn more about how we take the stress out of residential roofing services.

Visit Our Residential Roofing Service Page

Roof Replacement

Is your roof damaged or deteriorating? Is it time to replace your existing roof? At The Roofing Company, we offer expert level roof replacement services, all backed by our powerful 100% satisfaction roofing guarantee. Don’t gamble when it comes to selecting the “right” roofing contractor to replace your roofing. Call The Roofing Company and feel comfortable and confident knowing your entire roofing experience will be simple, straightforward and stress-free.

Visit Our Roof Replacement Service Page

Roof Repair

Is your roof leaking? Do you have loose or missing shingles? Can you notice visible damage when you look at your roof? Not to worry, when you call The Roofing Company, you’re calling the #1 rated roof repair response team who will work with you to find a fast, affordable roof repair solution to whatever roofing problem you’re experiencing. Please don’t make the mistake of trying to fix it yourself, calling a run-of-the-mill handyman, or worse hiring a shoddy so-called roofer who comes knocking on your door. Protect your home, your family, your possessions and your roofing warranty when you call the pros.

Visit Our Roof Repair Service Page

Emergency Roof Repair

Are you experiencing a roofing emergency? If so, the most important thing to do is act quickly. Depending on the circumstances like extreme weather conditions, a repair may not be possible or safe to complete. However, when you call a certified 24-hour emergency roof response team like the ones here at The Roofing Company, you’re guaranteed to be protected. We’ll come out complete an immediate roof inspection where we will repair it if possible …or… protect it until the weather subsides, where the proper repairs can take place shortly after that. When you have a roofing emergency, you want to call a company that has integrity and who you know isn’t going to gouge you because of your unfortunate circumstances. Call The Roofing Company today, where we handle every roofing emergency with a high degree of integrity.

Visit Our Emergency Roof Repair Service Page

Soffit and Fascia

Often considered an afterthought, Soffit and Fascia are two critical components of an effective roofing system. Why? Because like anything, a roof is only as strong as its weakest link. And although we often think about how our roof protects us from the harsh Canadian elements, we don’t take into consideration how soffit assists in home ventilation, along with climate and moisture control. This means your home will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter while combating problems like mold. Fascia protects the structural beams of the roof, protecting them from rot, deterioration, animals and other costly issues. Fascia also adds to your home’s aesthetics by giving it that finished, polished look. At The Roofing Company, we are more than happy to replace your existing soffit and fascia during your roof replacement.

Visit Our Soffit and Fascia Service Page


Very few home improvement projects can have the impact that a well-placed skylight can have on your home. At The Roofing Company, we’re a¬†Velux Certified¬†Skylight and Sun Tunnel installation team. Meaning when you call The Roofing Company for your new skylight or suntunnel, you can be sure skilled, trained and certified professionals installed it. Want to learn more about our skylight or sun tunnel installation, replacement and repair process? Click the link below.

Visit Our Skylights Service Page


Eavestroughs and gutters are another critical part of any complete roofing system. Why? Because while your roof stops moisture from entering directly through the roof, your gutters and eavestrough carry that moisture away from your home and protect it against bodies of water forming. An effective eavestrough or gutter system stops excess moisture pooling and rotting your shingles along with diverting that moisture away from the exterior walls of your home and, most importantly your home’s foundation. At The Roofing Company, we believe the concept of the “Roofing System” where each component supports the others. Furthermore, at The Roofing Company, we’re an Alu-rex Certified Installer of their premium gutters and eavestroughs along with their eavestrough covers and gutter guards. Learn more about our eavestrough and gutter services.

Visit Our Eavestroughs Service Page

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is the most popular exterior protective cladding amongst all Canadian, and it’s no secret why. It’s affordable, protective, easy to maintain and clean. Furthermore, it increases the efficiency of a home, keeping the right indoor temperatures and protecting the house from the outdoor elements. At The Roofing Company, we provide expert vinyl siding installation and replacement services. If you’d like to learn more about our residential vinyl siding installation services, click the link below.

Vist Our Vinyl Siding Page

Asphalt Shingle Specialists

Very often, homeowners call us as we are one of the few companies in the area who have experience in alternative and lesser-used roofing materials like slate, cedar, and others. However, we are (and always will be) asphalt shingle specialists. When it comes to our harsh Canadian winters, few materials offer the protection and lifespan, coupled with the affordability that high-quality asphalt shingles provide. Furthermore, although we may be slightly biased, we believe no other roofing contractor in the area offer the level of craftsmanship and quality during an asphalt shingle installation or repair.

Visit Our Asphalt Shingle Specialists Page

Chimney Repair and Rebuilds

It’s not uncommon for our inspectors here at The Roofing Company to visit potential clients’ homes only to find their chimney is one of the most significant liabilities causing present or even future roofing problems. At The Roofing Company we understand hiring various contractors to do a series of different jobs to complete one project can be stressful. It’s for this reason we have trained masonry experts on staff who repair and rebuild chimneys during the roofing process, making it simple, seamless, straightforward and stress-free for you.

Visit Our Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds Page

¬†We Hope You’ve Found The Roofing Services¬†You Are Looking For – But remember – Don’t trust just any roofing company when it comes to roofing repair or roof replacement! Contact The Roofing Company who is the highest rated roofing company in the area and the reputation which promises your job will be done “right” the first time with your roof lasting for years to come with complete warranty protection.

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