Replacing the Roof instead of Ripping it Off

My roof is long overdue for a makeover; can I build a new one on top of the old, or do I need a full overhaul?

 When your roof is ready to go, there’s quite a few things you’ll want to think about before starting up the process. The biggest question you’ll need to answer is:

Do I need to remove my old roof?

The answer to this question will directly affect everything about your next steps – quality, pricing, and especially timeliness.

Why would I want to build on top of my old roof?

It’s cost effective

  • Realistically, taking off all the old roofing takes a lot of hard work – in addition to the fee you’ll pay to dispose of all the junk. Building directly on top can save yourself the time, effort, and the money.

It’s much more efficient

  • Tearing off a roof is an extra step that can add a day or two to your wait. If you want the job done quick – build on top.

Layers can keep you safer

  • Provided your original roof is in relatively good condition, a new roof on top basically adds another layer to your armor against the elements. That’s twice the roof for rain to fight through, and twice the amount of shingles for the wind to blow away. Not quite as easy!

It hits a “reset button”

  • With the right variables in place, building a new roof on top of the old one takes nothing away from you. Aesthetically, you get a nice new roof, that won’t have any weird bumps or gaps. The manufacturers will still offer their warranty in the event of any disasters – and you’ll start over the life of your roof by giving it a fresh look.

How do I decide if I should just replace the roof entirely?

You’ve just been introduced to a lot of great reasons to build a new layer on top of an old roof – but that doesn’t mean these reasons work for every situation. Take a look at these situations that may call for a full overhaul.

Your roof has been built upon already

  • Not all areas abide by these rules; but a roof that is up-to-code has no more than two roof layers. So if you’re looking at a roof that’s on round three – you’re going to be replacing your roof. Building codes are easy to find, so find the ones that are applicable for your area beforehand.

Your shingles are shabby

  • A fresh roof layer needs to lay flat – as if there wasn’t even a layer beneath it. If there are any unexpected bumps, dips, or irreversible damages, it’s going to be tough to lay an effective new roof.

Roofs are HEAVY

  • This one is a little bit more difficult to identify. You may not know this, but a standard roof for a 2000 square foot area weighs just about 5000 pounds. Adding another later is just added more weight on top of that, so call a contractor and see if the frame can support that added weight.

It’s going soft

  • Take a trip up to your roof and walk around for a bit. Does it feel like a soft, welcome mat? Do your feet sink in ever so slightly? If they do, you’ve got some problems just underneath that need to be assessed. Rip that roof.


  • If you look up when you’re inside your house and see wet spots that seem out of place; you’re probably in the market for a brand new roof. By building on top of a roof in poor condition, you just hide the problem – you don’t fix it. Plus, it’d be harder to get to the source of the problem when you’ve finally taken the time to address it.

No matter what you’ve got to do, there’s one decision that’s easy – and that’s to head to The Roofing Company, the best place to handle any and all roofing situations. Give us a call today at (226) 450-0954. We’re located in Brantford Ontario.

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