How-to: Replace Asphalt Shingles

Most homes out there have asphalt roofs for a number of reasons. They’re quick and easy to install, they’ve got a long lifespan, and they’re at an affordable cost, which is nice. These reasons are just of few that explain exactly why it’s the most common material to build roofs with. However, just because it’s tried and true doesn’t mean that everybody knows how to make all the right calls when it comes to roof maintenance, repair, or replacement.

How do I decide when to replace my asphalt shingle roofing?

You’ll have to keep a weather eye open, but there are some easy giveaways when your roof is getting close to replacement time.

Granules in the Gutter

When water flows down shingles, it’s natural for some of the gravel to come out. However, when left out of control, losing granules can be detrimental to your roof’s health. First off, the gutters could clog, leading the water to remain stagnant, which could be rough on the gutter’s weight, and raises the risk for roof leaks. The granules play an important role: they work to keep the sunlight and heat exposure at a reasonable level.

Buckled/Curled Shingles

Whether heat curls your shingles, or rainwater forces them to buckle upon themselves, shingles that are in poor quality threaten the roof quality of your home at large. When your shingles fall victim to buckling or curling, they become infinitely more vulnerable to storm winds, water, and heat as well.

Frayed Flashings

Flashings work closely with your shingles and your gutters to keep people informed. When flashings are tampered with, I’ve heard they become compromised. Flashings keep leaks away, so if you lose them, you’re gambling with the risk of new leaks appearing.

Poor Shingle Quality

This can refer to shingles that are broken, or simply ones that are missing. Whenever a shingle is broken or missing, you open the door for water damage and physical damage as well. Keep checking your roof to make sure everything is in place – it’s well worth the investment to keep the roofs over our heads.

Should I remove the old shingles then? Or just build right on top?

Either way you cut it, you’ll end up with a new roof; a relief in a tough-world. Here’s the main reasons why you would build on top of your old roof, and the main reasons why you wouldn’t want to.


Building a new layer costs a lot less money than tearing up the old roof to build a new one. There’s a number of reasons why: it’s faster and saves precious hours, and it’s a lot easier to do on your own, if you’d like. Not to mention this route offers little to no waster – it’s environmentally friendly!


Weight. A new layer of shingles and flashings and everything in between adds a lot of weight to your roof – which is already heavy to begin with. This can lead to difficulties down the road, as your home struggles to carry the full weight of two roof layers. Not to mention that building over an old roof skips over addressing missing spots and irregularities entirely, which leaves them to fester below.

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