New Roofs; New problems

Naturally, we expect our roofs to be well-made, durable enough to survive through most if not all of our lives; so replacing a roof is the last thing on our minds. It’s fairly uncommon, but new roofs can be susceptible to a number of failures. The most dangerous thing for your new roof is if you don’t take the time to hire the right contractor for your roof. You’ve got to understand who you’re working with, and know that they know exactly what they are doing; much like The Roofing Company, here in Ontario does. Here’s some of the biggest reasons why new roofs might fail.

1. Poor ventilation and insulation

Proper roofing strikes a perfect balance between insulation and ventilation. Too much insulation means there’s no ventilation, and inversely; to little insulation leads to a surplus of ventilation. Either of these paths lead to excessive moisture in the air and wood, ice dams in the winter, or heat damage in the summer. It’s bad all year round. It’s good to know that your attic has an exhaust system in place to force out extra hot air.

2. Good materials; but the wrong ones

I won’t lie, I’m often tempted by the most cost-effective route to getting a job done. However, understand that there is a reason why you’re spending less money – something’s gotta give. You have the opportunity to choose everything that comprises your ideal roof when you’re in the market for a new one. Will you choose asphalt, or cedar? What about the sealants, or edge metal, or barriers? Even your gutter is a variable to think about.

I can’t stress this enough; hire the right contractor. Ask them about the materials that they use, and why. You can negotiate the use of higher quality materials to be confident that your roof is high quality from the beginning.

3. No roof flashings

There’s a strong idea floating around that caulk is an appropriate substitute for roof flashings when it comes to sealant. Some may even say that flashings are more about design than function. Yet, as simple as they seem, flashings are vital to defending your roof’s most vital structures. Caulk works, but only just so. It erodes over time, leaving your roof open to moisture after some time. Always ensure that your contractor is using flashing, for lasting defense against the elements.

4. Poor installation

Despite going through every step to ensure that you’re using the best materials, if the roof is installed the wrong way, it’s literally built to fail. When you’re at the onset of purchasing and installing a new roof, take your time and inform yourself of your contractor’s habits, ratings, and attention to detail. Choosing the cheapest or quickest route may leave you working with the shambles of a roof laid by an inexperienced roofer. Plus, if they’re not insured, who pays for their mistakes? You do. Here’s a couple of red flags that the wrong contractor for you could raise while laying down your roof.

  • They nail shingles the wrong way
  • They don’t pay attention to the ventilation – insulation ratio, and how important is it to your roof’s longevity
  • Ignoring manufacturer guidelines during installation

Hiring the wrong contractor is wrong; regardless of where you are in your roof’s lifespan.

A new roof should leave you feeling comfortable, warm, and safe. The wrong contractor, and a poorly built roof will leave you feeling the exact opposite, as your roof will fail much quicker than you expect it to. That’s exactly why no matter what roofing project it is; new, old, maintenance, or add-ons, ALWAYS invest in a professional, tried and true roofing contractor.

The Roofing Company in Brantford, Ontario has the experience you need to make sure your roof will last you for decades to come. We’re just a phone call away, at (226) 450-0954, so call us with any questions or concerns – no matter who built your roof, we’re happy to help.

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