Make your Roof Leak-proof

They’re tough to find, but devastating to your roofs; roof leaks are your worst enemy.

By the time you notice the signs of a roof leak, it has already caused extensive damage to your roof, and consequently, your home. Even so, roof leaks aren’t always easy to notice, which explains the importance of preventative measures, as opposed to working with the repercussions. Luckily, there is hope; by contacting Brantford’s The Roofing Company, you too can prevent your roof from leaks and the following damage. Here’s what you can do to keep your roof leak-free.

Maintain gutter cleanliness

Thousands of homeowners neglect to clean their gutters, which can directly lead to leaks in your roof. When your gutters are filled to the brim with silt, leaves, and twigs, water runoff will stay stagnant thanks to the dams the debris created. Don’t forget that on top of cleaning out your gutters, you’ll want to make sure they are laying at the appropriate angle to drain water, and that they are affixed properly to your roof’s edge. If you aren’t sure, check in with a professional.

Perform routine and regular maintenance

There are a number or reasons why you’d want to ensure your roof is regularly maintained; the most glaring of which is to prevent roof leaks. When you maintain your roof, look for a professional that has the eagle’s eye for all the small things that could add up to catastrophic roof damage. Protip: hire a professional before and after winter. That’s the most dangerous season for your roof.

Remember your attic is important

It’s not just a roof that’s responsible when leaks appear; the attic can be equally, if not more to blame. If your attic isn’t balancing insulation and ventilation, your roof could be exposed to moisture build-up and condensation. Not to mention if you’ve got animal infestations – that’s another battle entirely. If you’ve got ice dams in your roof or attic, that’s because you don’t have the proper amount of insulation. So head upstairs and check your attic for algae stains, rusty nails, dusty vents, spider webs, and any general signs of water damage or wood/insulation that’s been soaked through.

Notice places prone to leaks

Your roof has a couple of weak spots that may be more vulnerable to leaks than the rest of it. Valleys in the roof, skylights, chimneys, or plumbing vent flashings are just a handful of the common leak-prone areas. Keep an eye out for cracking flashings, or flashings that have simply been worn down. If you stay on top of replacing these, you can prevent minor issues before they lead to leaks.

Let the professionals handle repairs

You might be surprised to hear that there is an improper way to walk on top of your roof? That’s a major cause of roof leaks at home. No matter what materials your roof is made out of, your roof is fragile and your body weight can cause a lot of damage to it. That’s why you want to call on a professional to repair your roof, or perform other rooftop chores; it’s better, and safer for you!

It’s not difficult to prevent roof leaks – you’ve just got to perform a little research to avoid the costly damages they’d bring. No matter what you’re looking to complete, The Roofing Company in Brantford, Ontario is the place to contact. Reach us by phone at (226) 450-0954, and let’s talk!

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