Your roof isn’t just the cap on top of a beautifully made home – it’s easily the most important part of it. You’ve undoubtedly heard some roofing ruses; here, we’ll get to the bottom of it all.

Think of your roof like a motorcyclists’ helmet. It is easily (and obviously) the most important line of defense against any oncoming dangers or unexpected events. That is precisely why taking care of your roof is as substantial of an investment that it is. They’re expensive, and there is no way around that – but it is crucial that you take care of it, so it can take care of you. It’s tough to take care of your roof; it’s difficult to get to, and it takes some specific knowledge to make all the right calls when you’re bombarded with all these crazy theories and myths about roofs. Lucky for you, The Roofing Company has all the answers you need, and we’ll crack the code to all these roofing riddles for you.

Riddle me this: “My gutters are not a part of my roof”            

You’re not wrong in identifying your gutter and your roof as two entirely different things.  However, your gutter is a critical player on your roof’s team. Gutters are what reroute any unnecessary liquids and moisture – keeping your roof and ceilings leak-free, amongst other things. They play such a pivotal role, so keep them clean and gut your gutters of leaves and debris regularly. It’s nerve-wracking, but necessary; and probably the easiest (but most important) step in keeping your roof in tip-top shape.


Riddle me that: “Roof flashings only need to be replaced with a new roof”

Again, this one is half true. If you’re going to replace your roof, you may as well take advantage of the opportunity and change your flashings as well. However, that does not mean that you should only replace them in that circumstance. They work closely with your gutters – they make sure that any rainwater or other moisture is diverted from areas you wouldn’t want puddles to form. Besides, flashings aren’t quite as long-lasting as a roof is. Best practice: sneak a peek at them about halfway through the year, looking for cracks or other damages. Change them if you see anything that’s not easy to look at.


Riddle me here: “There’s nothing wrong with laying new shingles over the old”

Correct. There’s nothing wrong with adding a fresh layer of shingles over an old roof. But, if your roof is anything less than pristine, you’re setting yourself up for some big risks. You see, right below your shingles is a layer of wood – that is prone to rot if there have been any leaks or damages…also known as: “reasons to change your roof”. If the sheathing needs repair, another layer of shingles just means another layer of shingles to tear through to get to the root of the issue. You’re also asking your home/business to shoulder another thousand pounds of weight just for the sake of keeping the old roof. Unless you’re excessively sentimentally attached to your first roof…let it go. Get the full replacement.


Riddle me there: “The best protected roofs have a ton of attic insulation”

I can see why you’d think that makes sense, but proper insulation is all about finding the sweet spot. Insulation is there to make sure your home is running efficiently and safely by keeping heat in, and keeping ice dams away. An abundance of insulation can block the vents in your roofing, and keep moisture where it is, instead of keeping it out. What happens when wood and moisture interact? Your roof begins to rot, and form mold and mildew. Don’t overdo it – find the right amount of insulation to preserve the airflow through your attic and home at large.

It’s easy to lose yourself in a conversation about roofing – simply because it’s so important, and it’s relevant to almost every one of us. Hopefully, these clear answers have helped you navigate your own roofing journey, but feel free to contact us with any additional questions or rumors you may have heard! The Roofing Company in Brantford Ontario is the first and last word in roofing – so contact us today at (226) 450-0954