It’s important to understand that your roof is the last line of defense between you and the outside world; so it is up to you to make sure it can do its job well. There’s a lot of things that can cause damage, and little by little it can weather away until you’ll need a new roof. Teach yourself what to look out for, and know how to respond to each situation. The best defense is a sound mind, so here’s a list of things to keep your eyes open for.

Gutter Clutter

It’s often overlooked, but cleaning your gutters regularly is vital to roof survival. Clogged gutters fill with leaves, silt, twigs, and anything else that can prevent water runoff from draining off of your roof. Gutters are designed to keep your roof moisture free, and when water stays on your roof, it can soak into the wood, causing damaging leaks.

Blustery Winds

High winds can already shake houses, but did you know it can loosen your shingles and tear nails out? Missing shingles means there’s cracks in the armor for water to seep through and cause leaks. After experiencing windy conditions, make sure that you check out your roof to see if there’s any shingles missing.

Intense Sunlight

One of the most secretly lethal elements to affect your roof is sunlight; UV rays, specifically. The heat can dry out your shingles to the point where they crack and lose their shape. Shingles that aren’t laying uniform to the angle of the roof allow water to pool in odd places, meaning more and more leaks.

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