It’s been a nice, long, warm summer – so we’re anxiously awaiting what Autumn has in store for us. The leaves have since started to turn, and though Winter may be far away, now is the best time to prepare for what it has in store for your roof. The Roofing Company is all about making sure your roof is as strong as can be, to keep you and your family nice and safe this season. Here’s a couple of pieces of advice to help you get your roof ready for winter.

Check your shingles

No matter what kind of roof and shingles you have, it’s always important to make sure that they are all in the best condition possible. That means you want shingles that are solid; not ones that are cracking, loose, or missing altogether. If they are curling upward, or buckling inward – they are not going to be able to handle ice and snow very well. This can lead to troublesome leaks through the season, and maybe even a roof replacement soon afterwards. Take advantage of the moderate weather in the fall, and replace any shingles before it gets cold.

Ventilate your attic

Keeping a consistent airflow through your attic is what keeps ice and snow from piling up on top of your roof and building ice dams. If insulation isn’t your strong suit, then contact a professional to help you out along the way.

There are infinitely more ways to keep your roof in top shape for the winter, but these are definitely a great start. Check out the rest of our site to learn more about how to properly care for your roof and help it perform its duty for a long, long time.

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